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pthos replied to your post: “lmao i made a post on my other blog about how i suspected someone of…”:
why does everyone in the AM fandom repost like even I’ve noticed it what is going on


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lmao i made a post on my other blog about how i suspected someone of being a reposter (which turns out is true) and thanks to tumblr’s amazing search feature they saw it and sent me this message (plus my reply)

and i didnt hear anything for a few hours but now this wonderful person sent me another wonderful message

needless to say now i’m done with being nice 

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“They haven’t invented a spell our Hermione can’t do.”

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Weekly Challenge: Get to know me

day 7: animal→ hippogriffs

└”Easily offended, hippogriffs are. Don’t ever insult one, ‘cause it might be the last thing yeh do.”

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"im actually kinda sad omg ok ill miss u and im proud of u for not smoking and i hope ur doing good!!! ily"
↳ asked by Anonymous

oh god this is such a cute message thank you so much and i’m not going anywhere don’t be sad please!! if you want to see me blogging regularly then check out this blog bc i’m much more active on there

i actually just stopped my queue on here the other day because i wanted to make it pretty full before i started normally blogging again but idk that hasn’t really happened and i don’t feel like i miss it too much?? 

well in conclusion idk what to do haha

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idk but i’m not really feeling this blog anymore

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probably the most stupid person i ever heard of it’s hilarious lmao

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harry potter series + a short summary

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